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Everything is still torn apart. But…

The new laptop stand is in my office tonight. (FINALLY!)

We still have to swap out a dresser and swap in a desk. I also need to figure out what I’ll sit on, but we have several chairs in storage (5?) so that should be an easy fix.

I filed a bunch of magazines & tossed some stuff. I’ll have to do a major magazine purge, but that’s been deferred until I know exactly how much space I have to free up. I’m doing much of my organization based on a space budget. I have x amount of room to store something. What fits, does, if there’s too much? I weed down the collection until it does. I admitted finally that the notion that I could endlessly fit one or two more things into the house is at least partly responsible for the stuff accumulation. The space budget seems to work for me better than the old maxim “If you haven’t used it in (some period of time) then get rid of it.”


To dump
14 decorative pieces, 6 more cherry tomato boxes, 6 page protectors, 2 books, (+28)

Shredded/Donated/To storage 0

3 page protectors (+3)

Found new homes
Magazines, counted below

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
pantry consolidation +3, 183 magazines taken from 3 binders and loose into 1 file drawer +180, 42 magazines into1 wire basket +42, 7 packages of paper in 1 basket +7, coat, pants, jacket into seasonal storage & off coat rack +3, (+235)

Sold 0

IN 0

25 brochures (to be mailed)

today 266

old 8478 100% + 434

new 8744 100% + 700

Spent yesterday on my office, which is nearly done!

It was a lot of work, but worthwhile!


To dump
1 out of date catalog,4 old business cassettes, 2 cherry tomato boxes +7

10 books on tape cassettes +10

To storage 0

3 metal rings, 2 empty boxes for paperbacks, 2 manila envelopes, 32 screws, 8 legs, 1 board +48

Found some “just fits!” storage. Moved the counter into its new home

Found new homes
1 box dj protectors, the string box, the glue box, 100 paperbacks, mobiles parts box, 5 decorative pieces, 9 boxes of
books, papers, craft supplies, etc., counter, trunk desk,all the yarn (from 1 container to another) +0,
the retail drawers +6, the fabric trunk +1, the toy box +128

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
1 bag of flour consolidated into 2 empty canisters (3 into 2) +1, 2 box lids of cassettes into 1 box +1,
3 loose mobile pieces into the correct box +3, +5

Sold 0

IN 0

25 brochures (to be mailed)

198 today

old 8280 100% + 236
new 8478 100% + 434


This satisfies the “cheating” !

I’ll keep counting ’til just before Christmas, but because I got this done, I think I’ll  take a break posting between Christmas and New Year’s.

100+ things out today


To dump
accessory for something we no longer own, 1 book, another film tin (no reels this time), 33
cherry tomato containers (previously used for storage), +36

3 unused receipt books, 2 books +5

To the storage
1 trunk, 1 chair, 1 kid’s desk +3

4 knobs, 4 screws, 2 wooden bowls, 3 bookshelves, 12 shelf supports, curtain rod +26

Found new home
5 hanging bags, 1 pkg nails, 4 screws, 2 bolts, 3 sandwich grills, 2 lake hangers, 2 felt squares, 2 candle jars,
a pin tin, a bead container, a bottle of mica snow, +24

the 2012 goal requires me to toss 194 things a week. I can do that

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
25 wooden stars in a hanging bag (see above),2 pkgs star glitter in a hanging bag, 3 star garland in
hanging bags 3 garlands now in 2 bags +30

8 books +8

6 screws, 2 bolts, 4 knobs, 1 pkg nails 2 canisters, 2 books, 1 picture display, 1 wreath

a wooden crate left for consideration

114 today
old 8166 100% + 122
new 8280 100% + 236

Yesterday was exhausting! We moved a lot of stuff around.

We did a major amount of work on my office. Five of the shop bookcases are now in their real “homes.” The 6th was dismantled and is now bookshelves! I know where the lake hangers, the sandwich grills, and the mini-drawer units will go, although they aren’t there yet. The Daddy dresser is still in my office, but I don’t have room for it elsewhere right now, nor room for the old graphics table that will (eventually) replace it.

When I took down the bent curtain rod, the curtains got washed (Might as well, ‘eh?) They’ll get ironed/rehung today.


DUMP: 2 platters, 2 film reels, 1 film reel box, 1 film reel tin, bent curtain rod, suit hanger, 3 cherry tomato boxes, 1 bedding bag, 3 owner’s manuals we no longer need, office organizer, “gold” coffee filter +15

USED: 2 sheets of plywood for bookcase backs, now in bookcases, 1 hanging hook rack, 2 pine bookcase sides, now shelves for laundry room, 1 bookcase, dismantled & cut up for shelves +7

FOUND NEW HOME: grinder pieces awaiting work (1 from one room, 2 from another), 2 repaired bookcases, approx. 40 books +43

CONSOLIDATION: (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management): crafting supplies, 3 pkgs now 1,cleaning/cat towels containerized! (4 things now 1) +5

plus 70


1 heater, 4 shelves, 2 uprights (last hanging case down)
minus 7


To be taken to booth (Counted when sold), 3 piece mahagony bookcases to be sold, 1 wooden chair (to family?)
old 8101 100% + 057
new 8164 100% + 120

Daily List

Obviously, got the header to work the way I wanted. I think it’s pretty neat! The next step is going to be posting images of the stuff actually going out (as a group, if possible) but I’m not quite THAT organized, yet.

Old  8086 100% +42


DUMP: cloth sash, 2 bowls, perfume bottle, tin, 3 wine glasses, record, curtain rod +10

STORAGE: 2 chairs +2

USED: 6 small bottles +6

FOUND NEW HOME: plastc tray +1


1 bag of miniscarecrows, 2 sheets plywood for bookcase backs, 1 kitchen cabinet insert -4


TO BOOTH: (Counted when sold, donated, trashed, etc.) 32 misc pieces, old checks, name plates, lathe, etc.
various books & magazines

STOLEN/MISSING: 10 pieces of paper that were going into the booth (?)

TO BE MAILED  (Counted when wrapped and addressed) 1 angel food pan

+ 15 today, new total 8101

100% + 57 (see cheating post)

12/2/2011 cheating correction still ongoing!

I’m still learning how this works.

I had an image for my header that I took earlier this week I must have been having a bad day, because I read the instructions how to load them and I remember/retained…nothing? Gotta try that again! Ironically enough, DH just told me that somehow they’re not loading off the phone I took them with either.

The gods are telling me to take the images again, I guess?

If you follow me elsewhere, you know that I got to my 8044 goal, but I’m trying to get 300 more, to offset my “cheating” during the year. I spent 4 hours cleaning in, around, etc. our old fridge and counted it as 100 dust bunnies and grunge demons. We also sold 2 cars this past year and I counted them for 100 each rather than 2. So I cheated by counting 297 more things than I really should have, and I’m trying to cover THAT before the end of the month.

My plan for this blog is that I’ll take pictures of the things tossed, or try, but right now that’s not working, so I haven’t posted, thinking that  I would clear up one or more of these issues soon, and all would be good, but that hasn’t happened, yet.

In the meantime, I’ll apologize for the text-only blog, and here’s my day’s tally. . .

old 8072 100% +28 (see cheating post)

Used: glass back on the dresser +1

Given away bottle of cleaner (previously counted), 2 pantry items +2

Donated 9 books in the donation bin at the supermarket+9

Dump bin craft book, catalog +2

14 today

new 8086 100% +42