Negativity, alas.

I just downloaded a Better Homes & Garden “plan” to get your home storage organized, month by month. I have no idea if their plan will be useful or not; we’ll see.

The first month is working on your office storage. How appropriate. . .  I’ll continue with my efforts.

The idea seems to be to concentrate on a specific spot in your home one month at a time. I don’t see any reason why that won’t work, so unless I find a reason to do something else, I’ll try and follow their plan. [Usually plans and I don’t get along. I get irritated about someone else telling me what to do. Or maybe that’s just the excuse I’ve used to not follow this or that plan?]

The plan is a free download from BHG. You can find it here

Yesterday we were being tourists and bought stuff. More stuff than we got rid of. . .

I’m at a negative for the first time in almost a month. DARN IT!!!

OUT 4 bookends, 2 phones, 1 towel, 3 gift bags +9

IN 2 candles, 6 small decorative and/or useful pieces from an antique store, 5 things DH bought, 2 pop crates (no dividers, darn it!), 3 books  -18

Today: -9

old 8775 100% + 731

new 8766 100% + 722


2 responses to “Negativity, alas.

  1. Beth (Elizabeth)

    Keep up the good work! Would love to see more pictures

  2. Beth,

    I’ll post more, but right now it’s difficult. We’ve been running all over the place and just taking it easy over the holidays, the original reason I didn’t want to post from 12/24 until tomorrow. I knew we had a LOT of plans.

    Also, my long-term plan was to as much as possible take pics of the things going out in groups…that should start 1/1/12. We’ll see if THAT works the way I had in mind, or not too.

    Dunno., I guess we’ll see!

    Have a great new year’s!


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