Last post until New Year’s? Probably.

Happy holidays! (Whatever type you follow.)

Things are getting pretty busy/crazy around here! I spent all day running thither and yon dealing with health care, automotive care, holidays, etc. etc. etc.

Because of the holidays, I’ve been using up stuff at a pretty fair clip.  Also, one thing I did buy was another pop crate for the bead collection, This enabled me to move a number of the bead containers into the office where they belong. (Big, toothy grin here. No SPACE BUDGET req’d for the beads, yet.) If I could find one more pop crate, and appropriate jars/boxes, I could probably finish moving all the other beads into the office. We’ll see. The vertical space is there, but there’s no drawer space or other room for them in bookcases or anywhere else at the moment.

This is the promised pic of this year’s holiday package

hand made gift tag, yarn tie with beads

Here’s today’s tally:


To dump (swap shop): 2 magazines, 1 glue bottle (split in 1/2, HUGE mess!),  box that stored bead boxes +4

Donated: box of kleenex

Given away 2 gift items, 2 bottles shampoo +4

4 windows, 22 cards (gift tags and holiday cards), 14 beads (in gift wrapping),
2 decorative boxes, 2 pkg tissue paper, 4 gift bags, 1 gift tie +49

Found new home/put away: 104 boxes, jars, etc. of beads (no space budget req’d, yet) +104

Moved from LANDING PAD: 2 kleenex boxes +2

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
4 windows into one screen +3

Bought: 2 pkgs of tissue paper, 2 storage pieces -4

From the dump 0

gifts wrapped to be delivered/picked up 9, asst other items to be given 4 pieces furniture, 2 phones, angel food cake pan

today 162

old 8608 100% + 564
new 8770 100% + 726

I’ve managed nearly 9,000 pieces out this year, I’d say that means I can certainly remove the 10,060 I’m aiming for next year, wouldn’t you?


We’ll see

2 responses to “Last post until New Year’s? Probably.

  1. Beth (Elizabeth)

    Going to miss your almost daily posts!

  2. Funny, even as short a time as I’ve been doing this, I’m going to miss posting too! We’ll see. We’ve got a family thing going on, and I’ll be plenty busy, so I decided the only reason I’d post between 12/24 and 12/31 was if I needed it to make my number(s).

    I guess it’s my “vacation”? We’ll see if I can keep myself OFF the blog I guess?

    Good wishes to you and yours —


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