Stuff in, but more going out

My office is getting crammed. I need to impose another SPACE BUDGET…

probably on the bead collection for one. That will be hard! My immediate reaction is that I need another pop crate (I use an old Coca Cola crate to hold the bead containers, or everything that’s not in a tube anyway.) I saw one yesterday and thought I didn’t need it, but that was before i emptied the bead chest in the attic.

How did I think I could take the contents of  a 5 drawer chest and put it  into one pop crate? Wishful… no delusional thinking!

The beads belong in my office and  I intend to sell the chest.

I used all the  cards &  tags I’d made, so I need to make more. If I can grab the camera before I give away/mail the gifts, I’ll take a pic. I’m rather proud of my gift tags and holiday cards this year.

I also need  more baby food juice bottles/jars.  I’ll buy some custard. [I’ll force myself. Blame my Dad, he got me hooked on baby food custard years ago.]


To dump (swap shop):1 plastic container, 2 decks of cards, 2 books +5
Donated: 1 book to the library+1
Gave to a friend: hand lotion +1
Used: 34 beads, 7 gift tags, 7 gift ties, 1 pkg tissue paper +49
Found new home:1 small drawer unit, from its LANDING PAD in the livingroom (yeah!) +1 (counted twice)
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
30 small boxes/bottles/jars in the Coke crate (bead storage) +30

Bought: 3 pkgs of tissue, 2 gift bags, 5 gift items, 20 gift ties, 6 envelopes -36
From the dump: 20 journals/card decks/postcards -20


my SIL is probably going to take the kids’ chairs and the folding bookcases (Yay!) 4 pcs, when delivered

today 87-56 = 31
old 8578  100% + 534
new 8609  100% + 565  new 8608 100% +564

2 responses to “Stuff in, but more going out

  1. Beth (Elizabeth)

    I would love to see your pictures.

  2. Okay, if/when I can, I’ll take pics. Thanks! J

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