I was BAD yesterday!

I went to a thrift shop, the bookstore, and the antique store. I got stuff for the booth, to donate, and the house (counted below), presents, decorations, etc.

I’m losing smaller pieces from my booth to theft. I’m going to remove everything that isn’t a book or furniture, though someone stole a solid brass hanging scale earlier this year, so that’s no guarantee either. If this keeps up, it will be furniture only and I’ll put all the small stuff in the locked case.




I’ve got a metal wire basket full of plastic sleeves (for books, postcards, etc.) When I filled it, there were two bags of sleeves that wouldn’t fit. The extra sleeves were split into packages for resale. What remains fits the space I have (the basket). it’s a SPACE BUDGET!


To dump (swap shop): 25 pc incomplete 3 x 5 card index +25
Shredded/recycled 13 mailers +13
Stolen 2 placemats, 10 pcs of ephemera (again) +12
Donated 2 receipt books +2
Used: 1 wooden crate, 4 candle glasses +5

Found new homes: 7 pairs of scissors, punches, etc, 2 plastic bins, 2 bowls, 10 misc. small dishes +19

Consolidation: space budgeted basket of plastic sleeves 12 pkgs of sleeves in 1 basket +12

Sold 4 books, 1 brass towel rack, a 3tier stand, a massage table, and a green nut dish +8


1 bag o’ stuff for the nieces’ Easter, 2 Christmas presents, 2 baskets, 6 plates, 1 roll adding machine tape, 30 Christmas decorations, 2 books

96 out – 44 in = 52 today


new 8530 100% +486

2 responses to “I was BAD yesterday!

  1. You’re not bad. Sorry about the theft problem.

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