Everything is still torn apart. But…

The new laptop stand is in my office tonight. (FINALLY!)

We still have to swap out a dresser and swap in a desk. I also need to figure out what I’ll sit on, but we have several chairs in storage (5?) so that should be an easy fix.

I filed a bunch of magazines & tossed some stuff. I’ll have to do a major magazine purge, but that’s been deferred until I know exactly how much space I have to free up. I’m doing much of my organization based on a space budget. I have x amount of room to store something. What fits, does, if there’s too much? I weed down the collection until it does. I admitted finally that the notion that I could endlessly fit one or two more things into the house is at least partly responsible for the stuff accumulation. The space budget seems to work for me better than the old maxim “If you haven’t used it in (some period of time) then get rid of it.”


To dump
14 decorative pieces, 6 more cherry tomato boxes, 6 page protectors, 2 books, (+28)

Shredded/Donated/To storage 0

3 page protectors (+3)

Found new homes
Magazines, counted below

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
pantry consolidation +3, 183 magazines taken from 3 binders and loose into 1 file drawer +180, 42 magazines into1 wire basket +42, 7 packages of paper in 1 basket +7, coat, pants, jacket into seasonal storage & off coat rack +3, (+235)

Sold 0

IN 0

25 brochures (to be mailed)

today 266

old 8478 100% + 434

new 8744 100% + 700


2 responses to “Everything is still torn apart. But…

  1. Way to go!

  2. Thank you! Let’s see if I can keep this up next year? After a while this is going to be hard to do, I expect. On the other hand, I never expected that I’d be able to do this as easily as I have?

    We’ll see!

    As usual, thanks for the comment!


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