Spent yesterday on my office, which is nearly done!

It was a lot of work, but worthwhile!


To dump
1 out of date catalog,4 old business cassettes, 2 cherry tomato boxes +7

10 books on tape cassettes +10

To storage 0

3 metal rings, 2 empty boxes for paperbacks, 2 manila envelopes, 32 screws, 8 legs, 1 board +48

Found some “just fits!” storage. Moved the counter into its new home

Found new homes
1 box dj protectors, the string box, the glue box, 100 paperbacks, mobiles parts box, 5 decorative pieces, 9 boxes of
books, papers, craft supplies, etc., counter, trunk desk,all the yarn (from 1 container to another) +0,
the retail drawers +6, the fabric trunk +1, the toy box +128

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
1 bag of flour consolidated into 2 empty canisters (3 into 2) +1, 2 box lids of cassettes into 1 box +1,
3 loose mobile pieces into the correct box +3, +5

Sold 0

IN 0

25 brochures (to be mailed)

198 today

old 8280 100% + 236
new 8478 100% + 434


This satisfies the “cheating” !

I’ll keep counting ’til just before Christmas, but because I got this done, I think I’ll  take a break posting between Christmas and New Year’s.


2 responses to “Spent yesterday on my office, which is nearly done!

  1. You deserve a break! Great job!

  2. Thanks! I basically haven’t done anything at all today, well, I have, but it’s minor by comparion ;D

    Thanks again!

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