Daily List

Obviously, got the header to work the way I wanted. I think it’s pretty neat! The next step is going to be posting images of the stuff actually going out (as a group, if possible) but I’m not quite THAT organized, yet.

Old  8086 100% +42


DUMP: cloth sash, 2 bowls, perfume bottle, tin, 3 wine glasses, record, curtain rod +10

STORAGE: 2 chairs +2

USED: 6 small bottles +6

FOUND NEW HOME: plastc tray +1


1 bag of miniscarecrows, 2 sheets plywood for bookcase backs, 1 kitchen cabinet insert -4


TO BOOTH: (Counted when sold, donated, trashed, etc.) 32 misc pieces, old checks, name plates, lathe, etc.
various books & magazines

STOLEN/MISSING: 10 pieces of paper that were going into the booth (?)

TO BE MAILED  (Counted when wrapped and addressed) 1 angel food pan

+ 15 today, new total 8101

100% + 57 (see cheating post)


2 responses to “Daily List

  1. Good Work! Looking forward to pictures!

  2. Thanks! I had some help from my hubby (quite a bit actually, he fiddled with the image and text in photoshop ’til i was happy with it)!

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