12/2/2011 cheating correction still ongoing!

I’m still learning how this works.

I had an image for my header that I took earlier this week I must have been having a bad day, because I read the instructions how to load them and I remember/retained…nothing? Gotta try that again! Ironically enough, DH just told me that somehow they’re not loading off the phone I took them with either.

The gods are telling me to take the images again, I guess?

If you follow me elsewhere, you know that I got to my 8044 goal, but I’m trying to get 300 more, to offset my “cheating” during the year. I spent 4 hours cleaning in, around, etc. our old fridge and counted it as 100 dust bunnies and grunge demons. We also sold 2 cars this past year and I counted them for 100 each rather than 2. So I cheated by counting 297 more things than I really should have, and I’m trying to cover THAT before the end of the month.

My plan for this blog is that I’ll take pictures of the things tossed, or try, but right now that’s not working, so I haven’t posted, thinking that  I would clear up one or more of these issues soon, and all would be good, but that hasn’t happened, yet.

In the meantime, I’ll apologize for the text-only blog, and here’s my day’s tally. . .

old 8072 100% +28 (see cheating post)

Used: glass back on the dresser +1

Given away bottle of cleaner (previously counted), 2 pantry items +2

Donated 9 books in the donation bin at the supermarket+9

Dump bin craft book, catalog +2

14 today

new 8086 100% +42


One response to “12/2/2011 cheating correction still ongoing!

  1. I personally don’t think you ‘cheated.’ As many dust rabbits as I have around here I could count them as a thousand and that would still be short a few. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

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