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Negativity, alas.

I just downloaded a Better Homes & Garden “plan” to get your home storage organized, month by month. I have no idea if their plan will be useful or not; we’ll see.

The first month is working on your office storage. How appropriate. . .  I’ll continue with my efforts.

The idea seems to be to concentrate on a specific spot in your home one month at a time. I don’t see any reason why that won’t work, so unless I find a reason to do something else, I’ll try and follow their plan. [Usually plans and I don’t get along. I get irritated about someone else telling me what to do. Or maybe that’s just the excuse I’ve used to not follow this or that plan?]

The plan is a free download from BHG. You can find it here

Yesterday we were being tourists and bought stuff. More stuff than we got rid of. . .

I’m at a negative for the first time in almost a month. DARN IT!!!

OUT 4 bookends, 2 phones, 1 towel, 3 gift bags +9

IN 2 candles, 6 small decorative and/or useful pieces from an antique store, 5 things DH bought, 2 pop crates (no dividers, darn it!), 3 books  -18

Today: -9

old 8775 100% + 731

new 8766 100% + 722

Christmas loot

wasn’t much, as we asked for consumables rather than “stuff.” Also, my sister now has the 2 bookcases and 2 chairs, and a few other things that are tallied below.


2 tables
2 chairs
1 ball of yarn
1 pkg monofiliament
1 sign
2 CD players +9

Bought nothing


1 game
dish towel
notepad -4

5 for me yesterday. We’ll see if I can keep this up?

old 8770 100% + 726
new 8775 100% + 731

One more thing: Here’s the new bead storage

Here’s a pic of the new pop crate, stuffed FULL of the small boxes & bottles I use to store beads. If I can find just one more of these, I’ll be able to store all the beads in an organized neat fashion.

The first pop crate was one of those “just fit” things. I bought it, had no idea WHY I bought it. When we started working on the office, I had various bead containers around. Some from projects I’d worked on in the office, others that had been dumped there from other projeccts. I had about 20 of those, looked around for a place to get them out of the way where I wouldn’t have 15,064 beads all over the floor if I had to move them, again, and


there was the pop crate. I loaded it up and it took everything and was about 1/3 full. “FILL IT!” my inner organizer cried. (You know the rest of this story already. Or, if you don’t? See the post about the beads and a SPACE BUDGET earlier this month.)

Last post until New Year’s? Probably.

Happy holidays! (Whatever type you follow.)

Things are getting pretty busy/crazy around here! I spent all day running thither and yon dealing with health care, automotive care, holidays, etc. etc. etc.

Because of the holidays, I’ve been using up stuff at a pretty fair clip.  Also, one thing I did buy was another pop crate for the bead collection, This enabled me to move a number of the bead containers into the office where they belong. (Big, toothy grin here. No SPACE BUDGET req’d for the beads, yet.) If I could find one more pop crate, and appropriate jars/boxes, I could probably finish moving all the other beads into the office. We’ll see. The vertical space is there, but there’s no drawer space or other room for them in bookcases or anywhere else at the moment.

This is the promised pic of this year’s holiday package

hand made gift tag, yarn tie with beads

Here’s today’s tally:


To dump (swap shop): 2 magazines, 1 glue bottle (split in 1/2, HUGE mess!),  box that stored bead boxes +4

Donated: box of kleenex

Given away 2 gift items, 2 bottles shampoo +4

4 windows, 22 cards (gift tags and holiday cards), 14 beads (in gift wrapping),
2 decorative boxes, 2 pkg tissue paper, 4 gift bags, 1 gift tie +49

Found new home/put away: 104 boxes, jars, etc. of beads (no space budget req’d, yet) +104

Moved from LANDING PAD: 2 kleenex boxes +2

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
4 windows into one screen +3

Bought: 2 pkgs of tissue paper, 2 storage pieces -4

From the dump 0

gifts wrapped to be delivered/picked up 9, asst other items to be given 4 pieces furniture, 2 phones, angel food cake pan

today 162

old 8608 100% + 564
new 8770 100% + 726

I’ve managed nearly 9,000 pieces out this year, I’d say that means I can certainly remove the 10,060 I’m aiming for next year, wouldn’t you?


We’ll see

Stuff in, but more going out

My office is getting crammed. I need to impose another SPACE BUDGET…

probably on the bead collection for one. That will be hard! My immediate reaction is that I need another pop crate (I use an old Coca Cola crate to hold the bead containers, or everything that’s not in a tube anyway.) I saw one yesterday and thought I didn’t need it, but that was before i emptied the bead chest in the attic.

How did I think I could take the contents of  a 5 drawer chest and put it  into one pop crate? Wishful… no delusional thinking!

The beads belong in my office and  I intend to sell the chest.

I used all the  cards &  tags I’d made, so I need to make more. If I can grab the camera before I give away/mail the gifts, I’ll take a pic. I’m rather proud of my gift tags and holiday cards this year.

I also need  more baby food juice bottles/jars.  I’ll buy some custard. [I’ll force myself. Blame my Dad, he got me hooked on baby food custard years ago.]


To dump (swap shop):1 plastic container, 2 decks of cards, 2 books +5
Donated: 1 book to the library+1
Gave to a friend: hand lotion +1
Used: 34 beads, 7 gift tags, 7 gift ties, 1 pkg tissue paper +49
Found new home:1 small drawer unit, from its LANDING PAD in the livingroom (yeah!) +1 (counted twice)
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
30 small boxes/bottles/jars in the Coke crate (bead storage) +30

Bought: 3 pkgs of tissue, 2 gift bags, 5 gift items, 20 gift ties, 6 envelopes -36
From the dump: 20 journals/card decks/postcards -20


my SIL is probably going to take the kids’ chairs and the folding bookcases (Yay!) 4 pcs, when delivered

today 87-56 = 31
old 8578  100% + 534
new 8609  100% + 565  new 8608 100% +564

Thank God for Christmas Cards

We must be doing something right! I found my favorite scissors today, I’ve wanted them for weeks!

I have a possible solution for the thievery. I’ll put the small stuff on Etsy or Bonanza, depending on if it’s something I’ve made, supplies, or just “stuff.” Hopefully, this will work! I’ll leave the books/furniture there, if I can sell enough to pay for the space. (I don’t actually know if the booth rent is < than the storage rent. I should KNOW that, but I don’t!)  I went down to 1 storage unit and 1 antique booth last month. Hmmm. It maybe cheaper to just store the stuff than put it out for sale. Or, it might be cheaper the other way around. I need to find out!

This is not all that accurate

I went to the dump and there were all these old journals, notebooks, calendars. I’m a sucker for old paper. I grabbed a bunch o’ stuff. Haven’t counted it yet, but I will. They’re still in the trunk of the car….


To dump (swap shop): 1 book, a shirt, 2 plastic drawer units +4

Donated: 12 books +12

To storage 0

Used: 4 bookshelves (DH had cut them to size), 27 cards (for gift tags), 8 shelf supports, cards/tags:39 3 x 5 cards +78

Found new homes
1 small drawer unit, from its LANDING PAD in the livingroom (yeah!) +1

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
pantry consolidation +5


journals, etc. picked up at the dump
today +100

old 8478 100% + 434
new 8578 100% + 534

I was BAD yesterday!

I went to a thrift shop, the bookstore, and the antique store. I got stuff for the booth, to donate, and the house (counted below), presents, decorations, etc.

I’m losing smaller pieces from my booth to theft. I’m going to remove everything that isn’t a book or furniture, though someone stole a solid brass hanging scale earlier this year, so that’s no guarantee either. If this keeps up, it will be furniture only and I’ll put all the small stuff in the locked case.




I’ve got a metal wire basket full of plastic sleeves (for books, postcards, etc.) When I filled it, there were two bags of sleeves that wouldn’t fit. The extra sleeves were split into packages for resale. What remains fits the space I have (the basket). it’s a SPACE BUDGET!


To dump (swap shop): 25 pc incomplete 3 x 5 card index +25
Shredded/recycled 13 mailers +13
Stolen 2 placemats, 10 pcs of ephemera (again) +12
Donated 2 receipt books +2
Used: 1 wooden crate, 4 candle glasses +5

Found new homes: 7 pairs of scissors, punches, etc, 2 plastic bins, 2 bowls, 10 misc. small dishes +19

Consolidation: space budgeted basket of plastic sleeves 12 pkgs of sleeves in 1 basket +12

Sold 4 books, 1 brass towel rack, a 3tier stand, a massage table, and a green nut dish +8


1 bag o’ stuff for the nieces’ Easter, 2 Christmas presents, 2 baskets, 6 plates, 1 roll adding machine tape, 30 Christmas decorations, 2 books

96 out – 44 in = 52 today


new 8530 100% +486