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What counts (and doesn’t)

Items counted are almost always “hard goods,” rather than consumables. There are three main ways things are removed:


The store stock is being sold. I give items away regularly, though I avoid craig’s list and freecycle. (That may change!) Unsold items are frequently taken to the dump or donated. Food or anything acquired in quantity and then needing storage for some time counts, although “normal” consumption doesn’t. (If we buy 10 boxes of steak, that counts as -10, as we’ll store them for months.) I usually then forget to deduct the items when used. Regular purchases of consumables don’t count.

If something overflows its allocated storage and requires a LANDING PAD (temporary storage) it’s counted as a negative. When the item is moved into regular storage (Extra TP moved from the attic to the bathroom) it’s counted as a plus. I count CONSOLIDATION as a plus, two bottles of spice now in one bottle counts as +1.

When something that has been clutter gets  put away, I count that as FINDING A HOME for the piece. Sometimes, I have to designate a place where it will go, sometimes it is simply something that’s been out of place for a while. (Regular cleaning doesn’t count.)

Other terms I use: SPACE BUDGET, allocating a given amount of space to a type of thing…like a box to hold candles. If the box isn’t big enough to hold all the candles, then I donate/trash/give away enough items so that the remaining items will fit the SPACE BUDGET. It’s too easy for me to think I’ll find alternate storage for an item, I’ve acquired a lot of stuff by thinking that. The SPACE BUDGET gets me to cull the (whatever) collection, and reminds me that space is NOT infinite, at least in my home, and costs money.

I have no idea how I’ll get rid of 200 items a week!

Note: If I find an error after I publish a list of items in/out, I will either add new content in bold or strike through an error and replace it.

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Dehoarding goal, what’s next, what I’ve done!

It’s taken me years to admit it, but I’m a hoarder.

For the past several years, I’ve had goals (that I’ve met) to get rid of x number of things. I’ve increased the amount yearly, as below:


I have less than 40 items to go to make the 2011 goal. The 2012 goal is obviously 10,060 items. At the rate I’m going, I expect 2012 will be the last year I’ll do this. (I hope!) That’s the goal anyway.

I’m changing my life by changing my space, and making a home for myself & my very patient husband too.